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The first stop of this journey towards sustainable mobility was in October 2016. After a long reconnaissance trip, the teams traced the radiography of the Algarve’s travels, identifying the dysfunctions and the opportunities.

Characterization and Diagnosis

Abstracts (presentations)

The presentation

Forum “VAMUS Let’s Characterize and Diagnose”
26 out. 2016 // Albufeira

Characterization and Diagnosis


Workshop 26 out. 2016 // Albufeira

Summary and Conclusions

Based on the diagnosis and preparing the second phase of the project, representatives of municipalities and some 50 partners identified some of the priority vectors in the design of future mobility in the Algarve. Among them, the following stand out:

» promotion of the coordination of schedules and accesses between different mobility solutions;
» provision of information on each and its interconnection with others;
» the logic of the user at the center of the strategy, encouraging measures of involvement and awareness of citizens;
» priority to inclusive mobility, with the view that access to mobility is a right of all citizens;
» make mobility plans compulsory for all outbreaks, favoring the adoption of soft modes.

Contacts: R. General Humberto Delgado, 20 – 8000-355 Faro ⋅ Portugal | Tel: (+351) 289 880 800 | E-mail: geral@amal.pt



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